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As the oldest of Russ & Lori’s children, Russie is the perfect role model for the other brothers as he’s a man of 

integrity... he’s wise, confident, authentic, open minded, honest and is extremely good at scoring bucks. There won’t be a dull moment in the stand with Russie as your guide as he’s the story teller of the family. He’s always building up the other guides and promoting a fun, productive atmosphere.



Ryan works extremely hard for his clients and has the ability to look at his clients as if they were himself. He’s very quick to observe and adapt to any 

situation and is arguably the best out of the guides at scoring bucks on the hoof. He’s a man of integrity, very unselfish, loyal, and deeply cares about his family. He’s extremely smart so DO NOT challenge him to a chess game!



Heath’s hunters always have a great time and he creates lifelong memories for his 

clients year after year. He puts others ahead of himself to create an awesome experience. Also, a very established 

woodsman who has a lot of beautiful trophies. When he’s not working his tail off, Heath is a family man and is usually doing something really fun with his beautiful family.



Isaac is arguably the best hunter in the family as he eats, sleeps, breaths hunting. As a guide he is very skilled and is technically a whitetail “blood hound” on the loose! He’s a lot of fun to be around and his hunters grow to love him. He’s always working behind the scenes when nobody is there to notice his efforts and is extremely loyal. He may be the youngest son, but is a role model for everyone around the lodge.





Bubba and Haiden Walk are the newest additions to the Quest Haven guide line up. Both being a part of the family they have been raised in the atmosphere of Quest Haven with the love of hunting in their blood. Growing up at Quest Haven has given them foundational 

understanding of expectations and what it takes to be a top-notch Quest Haven guide. Both Bubba and Haiden’s dads have over 20 years experience as QH guides as they have shadowed under them learning from a perspective of excellence. In 2022, Bubba and Haiden got their first guiding opportunities and did outstanding, always going the extra mile to help their hunters obtain success.



Doug has a deep love for the outdoors and as the property manager, he spends his days helping Russ make Quest Haven a beautiful whitetail paradise. Along with being the property manager, Doug also guides for Quest Haven & spends his time away from QH coaching high school football and being with his family. Also a very talented story teller and should probably write a book about his experiences.


Torey Glenny

Torey is known to be the idea guy who is resourceful enough to figure out just about anything. He’s a genuine character who goes above and beyond to show his hunters the time of their life. He’s always joyful and in a good mood and likes to encourage everyone around him. He’s always observing and seeking 

to improve Quest Haven. A man of integrity who is willing to step in with no gain or benefit for himself. When Torey isn’t guiding he is running his RTRAX YouTube channel and is a professional tracker. 



Joe has been a guide with us since 2011 and is a great asset to the QH family. When he’s not guiding, he’s the pastor of Nittany Bible Church in State College. It’s not a mystery why Joe’s such a hard worker as he used to play football for Penn State and he’s also the founder of Play By Faith ministry & A Higher Pursuit, which is a hunting YouTube channel. Hunting with Joe usually turns into a lifelong friendship.

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